One Step Closer

I am so much closer to finalizing some decisions regarding this coming year. Today I went to Rio Grande Travel agency to meet with a friend and ask about airfare. It was surprisingly cheaper than I thought it would be. It definitely gave me the confidence that what I am doing is not impossible. I have decided almost certainly to go to Costa Rica for a couple months starting at the beginning of October. Now I am working on finding a host that I think will provide me a great experience. A lot of the options in Costa Rica are to work on an organic farm or some sort of resort or hostel.  I think it all sounds great.

The rest of the countries I want to go to are in a more abstract planning phase. My friend at the travel agency helped me to look at the cost of traveling to several Asian countries like Laos, China, and Taiwan. We also looked at airfare to South Africa and France.

In efforts to save up a bit more money, I extended my temporary full time position as a teller for five more weeks. I will be working until September 20th.


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