Paleo what??

That’s right, this week I’m testing out the paleo diet.

I would classify myself as a fairly healthy teenager. I don’t eat ton of sweets, fried food, salt, or white flour. Still I occasionally feel a bit guilty when I eat a donut or have a couple pieces of chocolate. Then I compare what I’m eating to others, and I don’t feel so bad.

I’m not a huge advocate for any particular diet. I’ve read a lot about diets. Every where you look they all seem to be saying conflicting things. Why do I even bother reading about diets? Because I am on the search of ways to improve my health and energy levels. Also like most people, I desire to have a flat stomach. I’d really like to weigh what I did in seventh/eighth grade (when I stopped growing).

The freshman fifteen is not a myth, perhaps a bit exaggerated, but I definitely fell into the weight-gain trap of college. I tried to eat well in college, but I found myself eating late at night and when I was stressed. I ended up gaining seven pounds in the first semester (the gym obviously didn’t help much). The second semester I stayed at a consistent weight, but still I was ten pounds heavier than I had been  as a senior in high school. Now that I’m back home from college the weight is coming off pretty quickly. Without too much effort I’ve already lost about five pounds.

In an effort to speed up the process of weight loss and to satisfy my curiosity I’m giving the paleo diet a try. I don’t think it will be too challenging. Granted I’m only doing this for a week. It’s not going to become part of my lifestyle. In the past I’ve tried out vegetarianism (which isn’t all that difficult), and I tried God’s Diet. The premise of this diet is to eat only things that God has made, basically no processed foods. I find this similar to the paleo diet, except that the paleo diet is even more restricting. This week I can only eat what the cavemen ate. According to Dr. Loren Cordain founder of the paleo diet dairy products, legumes, refined foods, and processed foods were not a part of their diet.

So what can I eat? Vegetables (but no potatoes), fruit, nuts, meat, fish, and oils. I’m actually enjoying the challenge of trying to come up with meals I can eat this week. I checked out some paleo diet recipes online to get some ideas. Some of these meals seem a bit strange (especially breakfast) but a lot of “normal” foods have to be replaced.

Here’s what I ate today.

Breakfast: A boiled egg with wilted lettuce and a spoonful of almond butter

Lunch: A banana, some pecans, and leftover chicken marbella (chicken in a plum and olive sauce)

Dinner: Ham, sautéed lettuce with toasted almonds and a lemon parsley vinaigrette, daikon radish, and cherries


3 thoughts on “Paleo what??

  1. ewww. I have to say this did not sound enticing! But, I know you are a good cook and will come up with alternatives!

    • It actually hasn’t been too bad. I’m going to try another week of it. You also get three cheats a week. This week I cheated by eating popcorn at a movie and having a piece of cake today.

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