my kind of websurfing

So I haven’t really gotten around to reading the second book in a Song of Fire and Ice. Right now I’m reading Arabian Nights Entertainment. It’s so fascinating reading Middle Eastern folklore. I have come to realize that I do read a lot even now, but I don’t read as many books as I once did.

I increasing find myself reading online. Usually when I’m on the computer I’m reading, researching, or writing. I have come across numerous sites, insights, and have learned more in a couple hours of web surfing than sitting in a classroom for an equivalent amount of time. I probably think of hundreds of questions. The internet certainly has given me instant access to finding the answers. Lately, I have found myself reading what other people have written. There is tons of great advice online. I find myself skimming through people’s personal stories, so that I can make the best decision for myself. There is so much one can learn from other people’s experiences. I hope that my personal experiences can help others as well. Because there is such a wealth of knowledge online, I don’t need to repeat what other’s have said. I will simply share links.

Tonight I have been cleaning my room. I am trying to get rid of as much stuff as I can. I happen to save a lot of boxes that my stuff came in. I think to myself, I should keep this because it fits my objects so well. This box is so well designed; I don’t want to recycle it. Unfortunately, these empty boxes take up space. Should I keep them for the time when I will have to pack up my nook, iPod, camera, computer, external harddrive, etc? Anyway, I was searching for an answer online about what to do with them. I haven’t found an answer yet, but I did come across this article from the New York Times titled “Living with Less.” I think that this article has some good insights. I have always thought that the more stuff you have the more mental and physical energy it takes to deal with it. It reminded me of the article that I wrote about stuff.

I hope that this can bring you some perspective about stuff. Maybe you’re perfectly content with what you own. I think I will always be battling my stuff…Perhaps I can be as ingenious as Graham Hill and come up with ways to help people live with less.


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