Love, a weak plot

It’s all fake and utterly exasperating. Honestly, I do not understand romance novels. I didn’t intend to start reading this book.

For my lunch hour at work, I take along a book to read. Occasionally I forget to bring a book from home. In the break room there happen to be a few books laying around. I picked one up called Larger than Life by Kay Hooper. I read the back cover, thinking it intriguing enough. I read about fifty pages and didn’t think I would pick it back up again, but inevitably I have forgotten to bring a book to work. I ended up reading more than I had intended. Today I didn’t forget my Nook, but I decided I should just finish the book and find out what happens, despite it’s shallowness. It simply has reinforced my opinion about romance novels.

Perhaps romance novels are a way to dream about how we think love should be because if love happened the way it happened in books I’m pretty sure all hell would break loose. Honestly, I have no idea what would happen. That’s why it happens in the books and not in real life (except I’m sure there are some exceptions). This book was absolutely and utterly ridiculous. Some guy is infatuated with this woman who is a famous singer. He happens to be persistent and break down her barriers. They hardly know each other and he travels with her to a secret vacation hideaway. After only a few weeks he tells her he loves her. She of course is worried that he won’t love her the same if he knows her secret past. Psh. About three fourths of the way he can’t restrain himself anymore…and she doesn’t resist. She finally admits she loves him too. And a chapter later…sex again. I think these romance novels have a certain pattern. Anyway the book of course doesn’t end tragically. No, the man doesn’t betray her and tell the world she’s the daughter of a billionaire which would somehow make her less safe. Instead he buys her the house of her dreams, white picket fence and all; all it needs is a bit of a paint job.

All of it is pretty unrealistic. I’m sure there are better love stories out there. Jane Eyre perhaps? (I have yet to read that one). I also read the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. It was about as unrealistic as Larger than Life. At least with the movie, you have good-looking people to look at. One plus about these romance novels is that they are really simple to read, so at least I didn’t spend much of my time reading them. I do enjoy reading love stories, but romance novels are just too sappy with not much plot to hang on to. For now I think I’ll read an adventure book or some thriller. I just can’t handle reading chapter after chapter of descriptions of how beautiful she is, how handsome he is, how her heart beats, how his heart beats, how his skin tingles, how her skin tingles, etc. Okay, I’m through ranting about my distaste in romance novels. I’ll end on a positive note about them. They are like when I’m feeling down and watch a romantic comedy. I know exactly what is going to happen, and it’s totally unrealistic but I don’t care. Romance novels are the exact same. You know exactly what is going to happen, it’s totally unrealistic, but you don’t care.


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