Paleo Week Two

paleo rolls

So I had so much fun the first week trying out the paleo diet, I decided to pursue it for a second week. Although, this week I’m not being nearly as strict. I have had some potato salad, some chocolate, and a few corn chips, oh and chocolate mint coconut milk frozen dessert. Other than that I’ve been sticking to the diet pretty faithfully. Continuing the paleo diet has given me an excuse to try some paleo baking.

Right now in the fridge, we have five different kinds of flour. However, right now on the paleo diet I can only make use of the tapioca flour (aka tapioca starch) and coconut flour. I love to experiment, so after a thorough scouring of the internet I came across a few recipes to try. Last week I made some banana walnut muffins. You can find the recipe here. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of them, but I thought they tasted pretty good. I loved the convenience of them especially for breakfast. They weren’t too weird. Although, nothing can replace the taste of all-purpose flour. I think breakfast is the hardest meal to plan for on the paleo diet. There just aren’t many “normal” breakfast options.

Today I experimented with the tapioca flour and made some paleo rolls from a recipe I came across online. They are quite tasty, but I can really taste the coconut flour. My mom didn’t notice it though, although she had one when they had cooled down. One downside to this recipe is that it uses so much oil! That’s probably why they tasted so good. They have a kind of soft doughy center and crusty exterior. They reminded me of puff pastry (probably because of the oil). If I make these again I think I may replace some of the oil with some other liquid, like almond milk. I’m not sure how that will affect the texture. I also want to try adding some baking powder. If you get to try these changes before me, let me know how your rolls turn out!

Next I’m going to try making paleo crepes…


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