Here was my first attempt at poached eggs in a pot of boiling water. I’ve made poached eggs before but only with a pan that has individual ramekins that you crack the eggs into. In my opinion it’s kind of cheating. Anyway, I decided I would take a crack at it (pun intended haha) without the poacher. I put on a small pot of boiling water and added some vinegar. Then I cracked an egg into a custard cup and dumped it in the boiling water. The egg whites didn’t exactly stay together, but it didn’t completely fall apart. The second egg I attempted turned out about the same as the first. The yolks were just right, but I found the egg whites cooked a bit too quickly. Next time I’m going to boil water in a bigger pot.

I consider this one a success. They were especially tasty with the home fries I made. Making the home fries was also a first for me. I followed the America’s Test Kitchen recipe and they were absolutely delicious. I also added some freshly chopped chive. Yum. I happened to have this for dinner. Yay for breakfast at dinner.DSC_0100homefries



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