Healthy treat? Sort of.

So tonight my mom asked, do you have any secret chocolate chip cookies hidden away? Well of course I don’t. However, when she said chocolate chip cookie I immediately thought of the single serving chocolate chip cookies I have come across online. There is one basic recipe of a chocolate chip cookie in a mug. I knew that I just had to indulge and find out for myself what these cookies were like. I tried looking up “healthy chocolate chip cookie in a mug” but there really isn’t such a thing. If you are going to have a chocolate chip cookie you might as well indulge in the butter and sugar. You can comfort yourself with the fact that you are having such a small serving. It’s even smaller if you share it.

I mixed it together and added some chocolate chips.


The final step was to microwave for about 45 seconds. Here is the finished product.


I wouldn’t call these a healthy dessert you should eat every day, but if you get an occasional craving for something sweet these are sure to satisfy. To improve the flavor and texture, don’t bother using whole wheat flour. I didn’t mind it, but my mom didn’t like the somewhat grainy texture. If you had finer whole wheat flour it would be just fine. These are even more convenient for those who don’t like to bake or have the time to bake. So, go indulge in dessert today.


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