Another Step Forward

It is really going to happen. Today I purchased roundtrip tickets to San Jose, Costa Rica. Thanks to friend and very thorough travel agent, she was able to book flights at a very reasonable rate and with reasonable layover times. I really lucked out that she was able to book a flight through Durango, which is much closer and more accessible than the three and a half hour drive to Albuquerque.

Somehow it still hasn’t quite sunk in. Yes, I can look at the itinerary and see what time the flights are and how long they are, but October seems so far away. January seems even farther away.

As planned currently, I will be in Costa Rica for almost three months exactly. I will stay during the Christmas season, which I think will only enrich the experience. I will begin working in a farm in La Ribera, which is an area close to San Jose. From there I will see how things are going. I really want to take this as an opportunity to travel freely and go wherever life takes me.

Now, I am going to focus on studying Spanish. One of my major goals is to leave Costa Rica and be able to speak comfortably in Spanish.

I discovered these farms through a great website called Basically this website provides a directory of hosts and travelers. Hosts often need volunteers to help on their farm, hotel, hostel, home, etc. There are thousands of jobs all around the world. The idea is that you “work away.” In exchange for working for so many hours a week you are provided food and board. Of course every host is different, so you have to make arrangements with the hosts. Some hosts do charge a small fee, but it is far cheaper than paying to travel with a tour group or some package travel deal.


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