I Keep Talking About It

Now it’s time to write about it. I just finished reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This book is utterly fascinating, well researched and well written. It has definitely made me think differently about my life and what I do. While it’s not the cure to all bad habits or the answer to forming the habits you want to have, it has provided many relatable and understandable cases in which bad habits can be broken and new habits can form. It was a fast read and one that I am taking notes from. Not only did it provide valuable information on changing some of my habits (like biting my nails), but I also learned about several interesting people who I had never heard of before. I could talk about this book for quite a while because the ideas produced by Duhigg are very applicable to real life situations.

I keep talking to my mom about different aspects of the book. I can’t help myself. The ideas and stories in the book have just stuck in my mind. It is one of those books that will stay with me long after having read it. I could have several long discussions about this book, but first you should read it if you haven’t. I don’t want to give any of it away.

Just a side note on how I came across this book. I was on my way from college flying from Boston to Denver. I had had four hours of sleep and could not sleep on the plane no matter how hard I tried. I was in one of those modes where I was so tired I couldn’t sleep and wound up with anticipation of going home. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to do on the plane. I certainly didn’t have much to read. The lady next to me had the book the Power of Habit on her lap. I asked her if I could look at it. Then I asked her if I could read it for awhile. She let me. I spent the next hour and a half on the plane devouring the book. I was reading the book so fast that I didn’t really have time to soak it all in. The plane ride was over, and I had to give the book back. Once I was home I looked for the book at the library and had to put a hold on it. I didn’t get to finish reading this book until two months later. The wait was definitely worth it. Now all I want to do is talk to someone about it.


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