All Boxed Up

I find myself often searching for specific things online, and then never quite finding what I want. That’s what happened when I went searching for “ways to decorate with shoe boxes” and “how to decorate shoe boxes.” So, I made up my own. I spent a couple hours covering four of my shoe boxes that are filled with owner’s manuals, birthday cards, and craft supplies.

Decorated Boxes I am quite pleased with the way they turned out.The boxes look much improved from the shoe boxes they were. I used  old denim jeans on two of the lids. The patterned blue and white boxes are covered with origami paper. I didn’t have enough to cover all of them the same way, but I think having some solid colored boxes makes the patterned paper stand out.

Covered shoe boxesWhoever invented rubber cement was a genius. It worked very well for this project. When you use regular school glue (such as elmer’s) the paper tends to wrinkle, but not with rubber cement. I pretty much rubber cement for all my gluing needs now. School glue just isn’t as functional.

After I covered these shoe boxes, for some reason, I was  extremely motived to clean. I went in a cleaning frenzy  and ended up making racket until one in the morning. Sorry, mom. I couldn’t help myself. One thing lead to another. I put up the boxes, then I had to rearrange things in certain drawers, then I had to sweep, then I had to put out my tea sets, etc. I’m sure that never happens to any of you…


One thought on “All Boxed Up

  1. Books!!! For me I am always moving books around in the middle of the night. Aaargghh! Why is that. I am obsessed.

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