Creede, you’re so cool!

So as you can see I’ve had to add yet another menu item to my weblog. I thought by this point I would have a category for everything I want to write about, but obviously not. Anyway, I hope to use this section a lot because I love to travel.

Last weekend was such a nice break from the monotony of work and of this summer. My mom and I drove to Creede, CO, which is about three and half hours from where we live. Creede is a tiny town that is famous for its Repertory Theater. Instead of having some long expository of our trip, I will just post some pictures with captions to relay the trip. For a frame of reference just imagine going to a downtown of some cute little touristy town and going into the shops and galleries. That’s basically what we did. We just had the added bonus of seeing some fantastic plays that were very well done. We also had dinner with a couple of the actors. What a treat! They were so passionate about their work.

Okay now to the photo journey.


And here is what we came for, the Creede Repertory Theater. We began by touring both of their theaters. I love behind the scenes kind of stuff so that was definitely fun for me and they were free. In total we saw three plays: William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, The Taming of the Shrew, and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I could write a post about each of these plays, but for now I will just say that all of them were very well done.

The first was rather strange and I can’t decide if I like it or not. It was about William Shakespeare and zombies. Those two things certainly sound odd together, but somehow they managed to pull it off. The coolest part about watching that play was that we were in a small theater that was three-quarters of the round (meaning we surrounded the play on three sides). The Taming of the Shrew was in a western setting and was excellent. It is much better to watch Shakespeare’s works being performed than just reading the text. I actually understood what was going on and followed the plot line. It was also rather funny. The last play was a musical and was absolutely a delight. It was the funniest of them all. In fact there was a point in the play where it seemed like the actors were about to lose it. You could see they were trying their hardest not to laugh. All the actors were so excited. After a show they would stand outside the doors of the theater so you could greet them. They were all very excited, you could just feel the energy. I definitely want to come back and see what else they are up to.


Food Photography

Yes, this has seem to become a hobby. I already knew cooking was a hobby of mine, but now taking photos of the food I eat has become one too. I just find food beautiful. (It also is a great way to document memorable meals). Perhaps there is some gene built into humans that makes us like beautiful food. It certainly is important in the culinary world. Food with many colors is appealing. Generally the food with color are fruits and vegetables. Put them together in different combinations and their flavors dance on one’s taste buds.


Spanish, Spanish, Español!

DSC_0105 This stack of books and my nook is my summer in a nutshell. Basically all I do once I return from work is eat, watch TV, get on Facebook, check my email, study Spanish and read. I just checked out quiet a few books in Spanish. I probably annoy my mom with my late night reading of Spanish kid books and the sounds of Spanish cartoons. But hey, that’s when I feel awake enough to do these kind of things. I would read silently in my head, but it’s much better to read out loud. To help me out, I also bought the $2 iTranslate app for my iPod. Now even if you aren’t studying a language, that app is pure entertainment. Even more fun that Siri–well it’s like Siri that recognizes other languages.

I was really excited to check out Harry Potter in Spanish, but I haven’t yet cracked it open. Perhaps I was being a bit ambitious, because I don’t really understand enough Spanish yet. However, if I ever have the time and the energy, I will compare the Spanish version of Harry Potter to the English copy I have.

To offset the amount of Spanish I’m reading, I’m also reading the rather lengthy book The Stand by Stephen King. Future post to come on that book. Well that’s my fun reading for the summer.  Yo leo libros en español. I’m trying anyway. Happy reading everyone!


Twist and Shout

Well I guess I have been reading quite a bit, since I happen to do so many posts about books. I have started to explore a few new genres. A friend told me about this fan fiction called Twist and Shout. He relayed the story in quite a bit of detail, so I had to read it for myself.

Twist and Shout is basically a tragedy, but a beautiful one about two characters from the TV show Supernatural. I have never watched Supernatural, so the story probably didn’t have quite the same impact as an avid watcher of Supernatural. It was an easy and fast read, but I wasn’t able to relish it because I already knew the story line. I already knew everything that was going to happen. I knew how the book would end. One of the joys of reading a book is not knowing the ending.

I don’t want to say reading this book was a waste of time, but it was rather a strange situation, knowing a majority of the details and then reading it. Still, it was heart breaking and I almost cried. I wonder though if I had not known all the details, if I would have thought more highly of the story. It certainly would have made more of an impact.


Little Things

I just thought I’d share a couple of pictures I took today of the exoskeleton of a grasshopper my mom came across. We ended up postponing dinner slightly just so I could photograph this. I’m still trying to figure out my camera. It’s a little difficult to figure out how to make it focus. Never the less, after 25 or so shots I got a few good ones. I won’t post them all but here are some. I am quite amazed at the quality of pictures I can get from my new camera.


It’s August, already?

It’s weird for me to say the S word or to even hear about it, because this year I am not going back. Who would have thought that me, the one who was basically at the top of my class, described as an academic, would not be going back to school? In fact, there are many times when I don’t even feel like going back to school. I said I was going to take a year off of school, but now I’m considering not going back for a couple of years or at all.

My tentative plan was to take a year off and work and travel and look at some schools to go to. However, one year really is not enough time to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. When there is so much out there, how can I really know what I want to do? There are some who are lucky and know for certain what they want to do. They find their niche when they are young. Even then, many who know what they want to do seem to do it because it will make them the most money and most successful rather than make them happy. I am on the search for what will make me happy. I sometimes wonder if I will ever find the answer I am seeking.

There is so much I want to do, but I find rules and regulations and logistics all so limiting. Sometimes I feel that I could follow the typical American dream. I could go to school for some career I am interested in, make good money, raise a family, have a house, go on vacation a couple times a year, etc. Other times, I just want to pick up and move to another country where life is slower. I could raise my own food and spend many hours cooking and maintaining my house. I could spend afternoons playing games and talking with friends and family. However, that life would be without much world traveling, internet, TV, money, but perhaps it would be richer in happiness, friends, and family. I feel torn to say the least. I have been raised in a world where there is so much. And I, being so inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge and new experiences, may get restless with a life so leisurely, especially when I know there is so much out there to see.

Perhaps a flaw of mine is that I like to know a little about everything. I like to test out all my options and see which is best. That certainly would make finding a career quite difficult. I’m hoping that I will fall into something I love, but that may just be an expectation I have. There is yet another flaw of mine. I have high expectations that aren’t met in the ways I expect. I may have the expectation that through job shadowing next year, I will be able to say yes, this is the job I want. The chances of that happening are relatively slim.

The process of preparing for college was more exciting than actually attending college. It was the anticipation of something new that was exciting. I began thinking about what clubs I wanted to join and where I wanted to go on weekends. I was excited to connect with my future roommate on Facebook. It was fun packing my suitcases and ordering bed sheets. I even enjoyed ordering my books. And then actually attending college became the reality and all my expectations dissolved. The clubs weren’t what I expected, my roommate was nice enough but we didn’t connect. The new things I bought for my dorm room were just things. The textbooks arrived in boxes and then they went on a shelf. I went to class hoping to find people to study with and have dinner with a professor. I was hoping that activities in the dorm would help me make new friends. Sadly, that is not exactly what happened.

So, here I am thinking about what to do next. I don’t want to live the rest of my life working 40+ hours a week just waiting for that magic retirement age. There is the question: live to work or work to live? I suppose my answer to that question is neither. If my work doesn’t feel like work then I don’t have to live to work, or work to live. I will just be living life. I don’t want to be that person who is always looking forward to the weekend or waiting for my vacation time to build up. Unfortunately, for the typical middle class American that is the reality. That is why this year I am going to do something different. I am going to find those people whose answer to the question “live to work, or work to live?” is what is work?

The Bastard of Istanbul

The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak is thoroughly interesting and fascinating. The character development it brilliant. The cultural aspects of this books are even more awesome. I especially appreciate the talk about Turkish cuisine that Elif Shafak so brilliantly weaves in. Every chapter of the book is titled some sort of food. Shafak’s writing style is easy to read and engaging. This book brings light to the Turkish Armenian conflict. It was a great way for me to get insight on middle eastern history, which I hardly know anything about. It was obviously a goal of the author to discuss the relationship between the Turks and the Armenians. As a reader you aren’t really sure where the story is going to go, but the characters carry the story. The book ends on a rather interesting note. My mom liked the author well enough that after she returned the overdue audio book she checked out another book by Elif Shafak. I think I may read it also. One of the things that makes some books interesting are the authors. Shafak definitely has an interesting background. When she wrote The Bastard of Istanbul she was splitting her time between Tucson, AZ and Turkey. Now she splits her time between London and Turkey. Shafak uses the places that she has lived as the settings for her stories. If I ever have the chance I would like to meet her. She seems like quite an interesting person and quite the writer.