The Bastard of Istanbul

The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak is thoroughly interesting and fascinating. The character development it brilliant. The cultural aspects of this books are even more awesome. I especially appreciate the talk about Turkish cuisine that Elif Shafak so brilliantly weaves in. Every chapter of the book is titled some sort of food. Shafak’s writing style is easy to read and engaging. This book brings light to the Turkish Armenian conflict. It was a great way for me to get insight on middle eastern history, which I hardly know anything about. It was obviously a goal of the author to discuss the relationship between the Turks and the Armenians. As a reader you aren’t really sure where the story is going to go, but the characters carry the story. The book ends on a rather interesting note. My mom liked the author well enough that after she returned the overdue audio book she checked out another book by Elif Shafak. I think I may read it also. One of the things that makes some books interesting are the authors. Shafak definitely has an interesting background. When she wrote The Bastard of Istanbul she was splitting her time between Tucson, AZ and Turkey. Now she splits her time between London and Turkey. Shafak uses the places that she has lived as the settings for her stories. If I ever have the chance I would like to meet her. She seems like quite an interesting person and quite the writer.


One thought on “The Bastard of Istanbul

  1. I wonder if the geography/natural environment of AZ is at all similar to Turkey? Was she comfortable in Tucson?
    Two cities I think you may find fascinating to visit someday: Istanbul (Constantinople in older times) for its mix of Middle East and Europe, so I am told. My Kurdish friend Sving, who spoke Turk, told me something of it.
    The other would be London of course. Very very cosmopolitan – with a fascinating history of its own. From Roman times -Londonium?? to Dickens and his 19th century novels to now.

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