Twist and Shout

Well I guess I have been reading quite a bit, since I happen to do so many posts about books. I have started to explore a few new genres. A friend told me about this fan fiction called Twist and Shout. He relayed the story in quite a bit of detail, so I had to read it for myself.

Twist and Shout is basically a tragedy, but a beautiful one about two characters from the TV show Supernatural. I have never watched Supernatural, so the story probably didn’t have quite the same impact as an avid watcher of Supernatural. It was an easy and fast read, but I wasn’t able to relish it because I already knew the story line. I already knew everything that was going to happen. I knew how the book would end. One of the joys of reading a book is not knowing the ending.

I don’t want to say reading this book was a waste of time, but it was rather a strange situation, knowing a majority of the details and then reading it. Still, it was heart breaking and I almost cried. I wonder though if I had not known all the details, if I would have thought more highly of the story. It certainly would have made more of an impact.


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