Spanish, Spanish, Español!

DSC_0105 This stack of books and my nook is my summer in a nutshell. Basically all I do once I return from work is eat, watch TV, get on Facebook, check my email, study Spanish and read. I just checked out quiet a few books in Spanish. I probably annoy my mom with my late night reading of Spanish kid books and the sounds of Spanish cartoons. But hey, that’s when I feel awake enough to do these kind of things. I would read silently in my head, but it’s much better to read out loud. To help me out, I also bought the $2 iTranslate app for my iPod. Now even if you aren’t studying a language, that app is pure entertainment. Even more fun that Siri–well it’s like Siri that recognizes other languages.

I was really excited to check out Harry Potter in Spanish, but I haven’t yet cracked it open. Perhaps I was being a bit ambitious, because I don’t really understand enough Spanish yet. However, if I ever have the time and the energy, I will compare the Spanish version of Harry Potter to the English copy I have.

To offset the amount of Spanish I’m reading, I’m also reading the rather lengthy book The Stand by Stephen King. Future post to come on that book. Well that’s my fun reading for the summer.  Yo leo libros en español. I’m trying anyway. Happy reading everyone!



One thought on “Spanish, Spanish, Español!

  1. FP
    I have purchased a few paperbacks about pre-Colombian life in Peru since I want to know about similarities and differences between NM and Peru. I also bought one – in Spanish – about contempory politics and history of Peru. Very ambitious of me also. But maybe someday — like Harry Potter for you.
    (and you may be muttering about me buying more books. Lima has some good book stores on Ovalo Gutierrez).

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