Creede, you’re so cool!

So as you can see I’ve had to add yet another menu item to my weblog. I thought by this point I would have a category for everything I want to write about, but obviously not. Anyway, I hope to use this section a lot because I love to travel.

Last weekend was such a nice break from the monotony of work and of this summer. My mom and I drove to Creede, CO, which is about three and half hours from where we live. Creede is a tiny town that is famous for its Repertory Theater. Instead of having some long expository of our trip, I will just post some pictures with captions to relay the trip. For a frame of reference just imagine going to a downtown of some cute little touristy town and going into the shops and galleries. That’s basically what we did. We just had the added bonus of seeing some fantastic plays that were very well done. We also had dinner with a couple of the actors. What a treat! They were so passionate about their work.

Okay now to the photo journey.


And here is what we came for, the Creede Repertory Theater. We began by touring both of their theaters. I love behind the scenes kind of stuff so that was definitely fun for me and they were free. In total we saw three plays: William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, The Taming of the Shrew, and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I could write a post about each of these plays, but for now I will just say that all of them were very well done.

The first was rather strange and I can’t decide if I like it or not. It was about William Shakespeare and zombies. Those two things certainly sound odd together, but somehow they managed to pull it off. The coolest part about watching that play was that we were in a small theater that was three-quarters of the round (meaning we surrounded the play on three sides). The Taming of the Shrew was in a western setting and was excellent. It is much better to watch Shakespeare’s works being performed than just reading the text. I actually understood what was going on and followed the plot line. It was also rather funny. The last play was a musical and was absolutely a delight. It was the funniest of them all. In fact there was a point in the play where it seemed like the actors were about to lose it. You could see they were trying their hardest not to laugh. All the actors were so excited. After a show they would stand outside the doors of the theater so you could greet them. They were all very excited, you could just feel the energy. I definitely want to come back and see what else they are up to.


2 thoughts on “Creede, you’re so cool!

  1. Now I want to visit Creede.

    Re: The Taming of the Shrew, my mom and I saw that at the Guthrie in Minneapolis this year. An all-male company from England was visiting and presented it. Although it is a comedy, they presented it as a tragedy, really exposing the way Petruchio treated Katherina as abuse. It was extremely powerful and had me viewing the play in a new light.

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