Digging my way to China

I always seem to come up with great post titles (well I think they are pretty great), and then I never finish writing the darn post. Well this one I am going to finish.

Can you believe it, I’m already planning another leg of this epic journey? I was going to write this post once I’ve actually purchased the tickets, but I’m too excited not to share. I am going to go to China in April for three weeks! I will be going with a couple and their four-year-old triplets and the grandpa. Can you say brave? Anyway, they told me I am welcome to go with them. God really has been gracious and has put so many opportunities before me this year. This is probably the most ideal way to see China because I will be going with two Chinese speakers (one of whom lives in China and visits the US yearly). I also get to help keep track of three adorable little girls. April is quite aways away, so I’ll talk about what I am doing presently regarding travel.

I’m not one to use metaphors a lot, but this one seem too good to pass up. I really do feel like I’m preparing to dig my way to China (and Costa Rica). Preparing for international travel is a lot of work, so much more so than I would have imagined. Right now I am gathering all my tools and finding a spot to start digging. Trying to prepare for the worst. There are so many logistics it’s enough to drive one crazy. I’m pretty sure it already has driven me a bit crazy. I have to think about what to pack, how to coordinate flights, how to handle money, etc. Sure, there are books written on this, but it’s really not the same as doing it. People have given me advice, but the advice doesn’t feel all the helpful. There’s a lot to be said for experiential learning. That is definitely what I am doing now. I could probably write a book or blog more extensively about how to travel the world, with  step-by-step processes, but reading how someone has managed their travel planning is far different from doing it yourself. I’ve been following a few guidelines and taking some advice, but for the most part I’ve had to figure this out on my own. Currently, I’m trying to figure out the best way to get out of New Mexico and to San Francisco in time for my flight to Shanghai. There seem to be so many options, but none are quite ideal. I’m rather frustrated by it all, it’s just giving me another reason to move to a big city. It’s so much easier to hop on a plane to, well, anywhere. I’m sure there will be a workable solution. No matter how it works out, I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before. Soon, I’ll be through digging, and I’ll be there. All the hard work will pay off. Wish me luck. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Digging my way to China

  1. Yes, ahijada, I do know a little of what you are feeling – at least I think I do, and right now I think I have it in spades. (is that the right expression?? I wonder). Basically because I have to shut everything down here, arrange finances, store stuff, and plan on not having a home here, perhaps to not return here for a very long time, and have my home town become a place I may only visit briefly at some time in the future but never really live here again. And hope to find work where I am going – work I hope I will enjoy and can do, but work I must. What happens if I get sick there?? Do I have a good network of friends? Can I find a place to live? Will
    I really become fluent in another language – I mean really, truthfully, I don’t speak it (Spanish) at all competently! And yeah, I get a lot of advice too, some of which is well intended, but not so helpful.
    You are right. You have to do a lot of it on your own and the best you can. You will learn a lot. Blessings!
    I am excited for your China adventure and amazed at how very nicely God has surprisingly opened that opportunity for you in a great way – or so it seems to me. You have wanted to do this adventure, back to your homeland, for a very very long time as I recall. Probably won’t be the last time you go, and what a great introductory start I think.
    I will keep you in my prayers – you keep me in yours. Big changes. Vaya con Dios.

    • Yes, I imagine you and I are both going through some big changes in our lives. It’s amazing as to how big life changes can happen at any age. You probably are going through even more than I. As your change will be more permanent, but it will all work out how it is suppose to. While we may both have questions and concerns, all will be answered in their own time. I suppose it’s just a bit nerve wracking to not know the answers, but that is part of the adventure and joy of living. I’m not really sure what I want people to tell me. Honestly, I’d be happy with “have a good trip.” So, thank you for your blessings. I wish you the best as well. And although there are so many uncertainties in life, we will survive them. God is watching out for us, wouldn’t you say?

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