The Stand

It only took me six weeks. 1176 pages. 78 chapters. I just finished reading my first Stephen King novel. I had heard quite a bit about him and was eventually going to get around to reading one of his books. So, on my search for a Stephen King novel, I googled the best Stephen King books. The Stand had high ratings. Little did I know I was embarking on a six-week commitment.

This is definitely not my favorite book of all time. However, I did enjoy it. I would have enjoyed it much more had it been 400 fewer pages. I should have read the truncated version, which was the first version he had to release due to publication issues. The characters were interesting and the story was good. It just felt so incomplete to me. The characters I wanted to learn more about I didn’t. Many characters were killed off. I didn’t want to invest in any of them since they were probably going to die. It got to a point where it wasn’t surprising who died. The climax was rather weak and unsatisfactory. The beginning third was about the super flu which wiped out 99 percent of the world was too drawn out for me. I felt like I started reading similar stories over and over again. Yes, many people were going about their daily lives, doing typical things, and then they suddenly die of this sickness. I kept hoping something more was going to happen, but then the book turned into a battle of good and evil. This battle never really even happened though. I did find the incorporation of religion quite interesting. It became a conflict between God and Satan. At least both groups of people were representative of God or Satan’s will. The book ends rather grimly, but not without hope. I was left with the idea that there could easily be a sequel. I was almost hoping for one because I did grow attached to some of the characters. I wanted to know what happened next.

After I read this book, I wasn’t sure what to think. Did I like it? Did I not like it? Had I chosen to rate it immediately after I had read it, I would have given it three out of five stars. But, I read some reviews on it to see what others thought of it. After reading reviews and reflecting on it, I changed my mind and give it four out of five starts. It was a good book. It was an adventure. It was a mystery. It was ever so slightly too long. I wasn’t interested in all of the characters. I wanted to skip ahead a few chapters sometimes. Overall though I accomplished my goal. I read a Stephen King novel brick of a book; thankfully I read the e-reader version so I could carry it in my purse.


One thought on “The Stand

  1. I, too, have read some of his books. Too weird for me. and much too wordy. I wonder what kind of an imagination he must have had as a child.

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