Water for Elephants

I actually can finish a book in a week. It’s nice to just pick up a novel and read the story without having to stick to it for too long. I really enjoyed reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Gruen painted vivid scenery for the traveling circus of the 1930s. I felt sucked back in time, reading about the magnificence of performers. The story line was intriguing and the characters were well-developed. I particularly liked Gruen’s storytelling from the point of view of the 93-year-old man. The ending was fantastic. I couldn’t have written a better one. Besides the story, there was a short interview with the author.  I really enjoyed reading the interview because I learned even more about the circus and the author’s development of the story. It gave the overall book more dimension.

I would write more about the book, but I just don’t want to give it away. Although, they did make a movie out of the book, so that may already spoil the book for some of you. Now I can watch the movie and compare. I probably just ruined the movie though, since the book is usually better. Well on to a new book and new adventures!



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