What am I up to?

Well I suppose it’s time for an update. People seem to be more interested in what I’m doing than I am. That’s probably because I know exactly what I’m doing but I end up having to say the same thing several dozen times.

Here’s a recap.

Got a major haircut in May.

Began work as a bank teller in May.

I went to a  family reunion in Montana at the end of June.

I bought tickets for Costa Rica in July. The trip is from October 10th to January 8th.

I continued to work.

I read.

I took bridge lessons.

I studied Spanish daily.

In August I bought tickets to China for an April trip.

September 21st was my last day of work which was bittersweet. It felt a bit like the last day of school.


Last day of work I got a haircut.

I just got a credit card for all my world travel expenses.

I’m taking more formal Spanish lessons a couple of times a week.

I still watch a good amount of TV.

I’m working an embroidery on pillow case that probably won’t be done for 5 years at the rate I’ve been sewing.

I’m still playing bridge. Yes, I may one day actually understand that game.

Yesterday I went back to Tae Kwon Do. I haven’t been back in at least a year and a half, but it was so energizing. I will continue to go three times a week until I leave.

I got a flu shot.

I’m reading The Godfather.

And speaking of The Godfather I just helped my Godfather take several loads of books to the library.

I’ve been cooking up a storm. Yay free time! I’ve made butternut squash risotto, blueberry and peach pie from scratch, pea pancakes, crepes, pinto beans, and more.

And yes, I still feel like a fairly typical teenager. I Skype. I message on Facebook. I text. I email.

What’s Next?

Well now that I’m not working I have time to hang out with people.

I’ll catch a couple of movies. I think I’ve seen only one in theaters all summer.

Prepare for a yard sale this weekend.

Pack for Costa Rica.

Clean my room. Get rid of more stuff.

Bake some bread.

Make it known on Facebook that I’m going to Costa Rica.

Share my blog URL.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

Okay I tried to keep it short and sweet. Hopefully now you are all caught up with what’s going on in my life. It still doesn’t seem all that interesting, but I’m enjoying it. I’m really excited to start writing about Costa Rica. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do a post answering them.


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