Costa Rica adventures begin.

It’s taken me almost three weeks to get internet access on my laptop, so be prepared for a lot of words and not so many pictures. It takes too long to post pictures. I will a bit later!

I have only been in Costa Rica for four days, but I have enough to write a whole book-at least a couple of chapters. I think in the first few days of being here I will have the most to say. I already have learned and done so much. For my blog, I am writing when I don’t have internet, which is most days. I will post them when I have internet access. There are so many details that I can get a bit carried away. Also, I have met so many people already. It would take too much effort to explain who all the people are. So, when you read a name, it’s just someone I met. I probably don’t know much more than their name anyway.

Costa Rica: Day 2

The sun has come up, and because I am still in San Jose, I only am able to catch a glimpse of the plant life. I gather all my belongings and head down for some breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express. My first somewhat typical Costa Rican/American breakfast consists of black berry juice, a tamale made with rice and pork wrapped in some green leaf and a few pieces of pineapple. The I take the shuttle to the bus station which is right by the airport. I ride the bus to San Jose City. After a twenty or thirty minute ride I arrive in San Jose. I take a taxi ride to MUSOC, a bus station. There, I buy a ticket to Perez Zeledon.

On the bus, I sit next to a Costa Rican who is very friendly. We start talking. I, using my broken Spanish and limited understanding of Spanish, she with very little English. We use my dictionary a considerable amount. I learn her name is Nelly and she is going to visit her sisters. The bus ride is about three hours long. I look out the small opening of the bus window. It’s difficult to see out of the bus because of the curtains and humiditiy. And as we climb higher up the mountain, the clouds block view of everything. In Perez Zeledon it is raining. I have an hour and a half until I have to catch the La Ribera bus. At this point I am supposed to walk about four blocks to another bus station. However, Nelly offers to give me a ride. I go with her and her sister to a bus station. We then get food nearby. I have chicken in a sauce, rice, and a salad all for less than $3. A little before two we go to the bus station, but they say there is no bus to La Ribera. I ask if this is the right bus station. I’m fairly certain is was not Transportes Blanco. At the station I try to call the Chinchilla family, but they don’t answer the phone. Nelly and her sister Nury invite me to stay the night with them and in the morning go to La Ribera. Because I don’t want to wait two more hours for another bus and I was unable to reach the Chinchillas, I accept the offer.

After stopping to get gas, we drive for about an hour up one of the mountains. Every time I think we are at the top, we keep going higher and higher up the mountain. The road is not paved, but it is in good condition. The higher we go up the more of the mountains I see and the more towns I see. I say towns, however it’s hard to tell one town from another.

I spend the night in La Concepcion at Nury’s house. Their house very nice. The rooms are small, especially the bathroom, but it is sufficient. I meet Nury’s four children. Although I am not able to say much in Spanish or understand much, I immediately feel at home with them. They seem to care a lot for each other. They are very happy and laugh a lot and talk a lot. Dinner time rolls in around 6pm. A couple Jahova’s Witness missionaries come by and have dinner with us. Dinner consists of rice, black beans, and spaghetti with a beef sauce. It is a relief to speak some English with them. They are amazingly fluent in Spanish, but they have studied and spoken it for six years. After dinner, the whole family sits in the living room to watch a movie. We all watch a few minutes of it and gradually everyone goes to do something else. At 8:30, I am extremely tired and I go to bed.


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