Costa Rica: Day 4

I hope Sunday’s can be my day to write, since we are able to sleep in a little more. I didn’t get the best night of sleep last night. The barking dogs woke me up at 11:30pm and the chickens at 5am. I don’t think I’ll need to use my alarm clock. The river runs steadly beside the room I am in. I woke up this morning feeling cold. I think this is caused by the combination between sweat and humidity.

After a breakfast of rice and black beans with scrambled egg and fried plantains, work begins. I gather eggs from the Chinchilla’s four hundred chickens. Then clean the eggs, sort through black beans, and cut up peppers for lunch, wash dishes, and then gather eggs again. At noon, I feed the chickens and clean out their water, and gather more eggs. Lunch was arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), a banana salad, and the black beans I helped to clean earlier. Then I take a much needed shower. The afternoon is mine.

After writing for an hour or so I take a walk and end up running into Jasmin. We walk down by the river and talk in Spanglish. We take some photos. Then head back to the house. About two mintues later the rain starts to poor. It’s been raining for almost five hours nonstop. I spent the afternoon talking in Spanish and English to Jasmin, Erik, Luz, and Mimo (Guillermo). It is a very laid back afternoon. Spanish is coming to me relatively quickly. It’s amazing how much I can understand and speak.




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