Costa Rica: Day 5

At this point I am really starting to notice details. Here are a few  today.

The chickens I feed, give water to, and collect eggs from are very obnoxious. They peck at everything and never stop clucking. On the farm we collect eggs about four times a day because there are around 400 chickens, which yields 300-400 eggs daily.

The smell that occasionally wafts into my room is from the pigs. The farm has four pigs and uses their poop for the biodigester which provides fuel for the kitchen burners.

Where there is lots of rain, there are lots of insects. They thrive in this environment. Fruit flies are everywhere, regular flies are everywhere. If you move stuff like logs, spiders and cockroaches come crawling out of every corner.

Work on the farm is hard, but it is also rewarding. By the end of the day I feel satisfactorily worn out. Even by the afternoon I feel worn out. Work usually ends around two or three.

Yesterday I wrote that Spanish was coming to me quickly. Today I say that there is still so much I don’t know. I’m trying to study a few words everyday so that I can commicate more ideas and understand the tasks that I am given. I wish I could just wake up one day and know Spanish, but don’t we all wish that? Although, I will say that is rather rewarding to see my hard work of studying Spanish pay off.

And here are few new things from today.

I got stung on the neck by a wasp. I’ve never been stung before except partially by kneeling on a wasp in the grass once. It still stings a bit.

I got to milk a cow today. It’s much more difficult than it seems. My hands really got worn out.

Two more volunteers arrived tonight, so now there are five of us.

Life in Costa Rica continues tomorrow.



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