Costa Rica: Day 6

Well they certainly put the volunteers to work, but it’s definitely rewarding. This morning I fed the chickens, cleaned their water, and gathered eggs. I milked the cow for the second time in my life and I did much better. I almost milked one nipple completely and most of the other. Perhaps the next time I do it I will hands will be strong enough to milk the cow by myself. Here on the farm they are working on rebuilding the roof of the chicken coop so I helped sort through all the rotting wood.

After lunch there wasn’t much work to do. We (volunteers) got cleaned up. Four of us walked to another farm. The walk was beautiful, but a bit of a workout. It’s hard to keep up with someone who is a foot taller than me. I’m not entirely sure how long the walk was, probably around an hour, and we finally arrived at Finca Fruicion. Finca Fruicion is owned by an American. He and his family have lived there for four years. He showed us around his farm. He has a lot of ideas and projects going on. There were some interesting ideas, but I probably will never implement them.

The walk back to the farm wasn’t so bad, but by the time I got back home (my home for the time-being) I was ready to sleep.



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