Costa Rica: Day 7

Wow this is my seventh day here (sort of). Tomorrow I will have been here for a week. I can’t believe how the time has passed. I’m settling into a routine here and understand most of the tasks in Spanish.

Today was filled with work until about 2:00.

The more times I feed the chickens the more I dislike them. It’s alright to feed them with someone else, but by myself they are obnoxious. They constantly cluck, pluck, and they have started to bite me right above line of my boots at my shins. No matter where I go in the pen there’s a line of fifty chickens following me. Honestly, it’s a bit scary. Oh and sometimes when I bend over to pick up the eggs a chicken jumps onto my back. Yes, collecting eggs is a little adventure everyday–make that three or four times in the morning everyday.

In addition to chicken duty, today we worked quite a bit in the garden. Watering the plants with a kind of organic fertilizer containing microorganisms. Also, harvesting lettuce, limes, and culantro (in the cilantro family). All of which needed cleaning. Then we had the task of sorting, weighing, and packaging of almost two thousand eggs.

Being here has so far been a good experience. I’m glad there are other volunteers to work with, otherwise there would be a lot of work to do on your own. I definitely have learned and used a lot of Spanish, but not nearly enough. Everyday in the afternoon I try to practice a few words from the day. I can have some decent conversations in Spanish with those who are not native speakers. It’s much easier to understand them because their Spanish isn’t as sophisticated. Even after only being here for four days, I’m ready to go out and explore. I really want to go into town. I’m not sure it’s much of a town though.

Hasta Luego



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