My Glamorous Life

I hardly know what I look like anymore. There’s only one mirror I use here and even then I look in it maybe twice a day. The mirror is only a foot and a half by a foot wide. I use it mostly to see if my teeth are clean.

In the mornings it takes me five minutes to get ready. In that time I brush my teeth, change clothes, and go to the bathroom.

I usually wear my work clothes three or four days before washing them, so I probably smell. And I wear my regular clothes a few times before washing.

Smells that I thought were bad in the beginning aren’t a problem anymore. In fact some smells I’m starting to like.

There is always dirt under my finger nails no matter what I do.

There’s always dirt in my hair.

I’m always walking into spider webs.

I’m living the pure life…sort of.


One thought on “My Glamorous Life

  1. I spent time on a farm in Costa Rica, and this made me smile. I remember when I first got there being like “THERE ARE BUGS EVERYWHERE” and then after awhile thinking “there are ants in my” And I definitely became more low maintenance, beauty-wise, just like you described. Looking forward to reading more about your experience.

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