Who’s Who?

Nov 11
Wow I’ve been at this farm for a month now. I’m already a third through this trip in Costa Rica. In just four weeks and a few days, I’ve met seven volunteers, each with their own story. I thought it would be fun to tell you about the volunteers I’ve met.

Jasmin. Jasmin is 20 and lives in Germany. She’s my roommate. She has studied Spanish for three years and English for ten. She is staying at this farm for almost three months and taking a couple of weeks to tour through Costa Rica. She goes back home next month. This coming year she is traveling to several countries (Jamaica, Spain, and others) before she studies at a university.

Eric. Eric was at this farm for three weeks. He has graduated college. He is traveling a full year through Central and South America doing workaway and woofing (organic farming) jobs. He’s from Argentina and had been living in Argentina for the past few months, but his family is in the midwest now. Lucky for him he’s fluent in English and Spanish. Now he’s somewhere in South America.

Kevin and Carly. A couple from Washington state who have both graduated college. They studied Spanish for a couple of years. They are farming, touring, traveling, vacationing for six months. They started in Costa Rica and will work their way up through Central America, ending in Mexico.

Alex and Alexia. A couple from Beligium. They both have graduated college and are spending a month in six different countries in Central and South America. They hadn’t studied any Spanish prior to this trip. They spent a month in Mexico. They spent two weeks at the farm and will spend two weeks touring Costa Rica. Their remaining countries are Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

Dalil. Dalil is 36 and works in railway construction or something of the sort in the South of France. With his savings, he is traveling for ten months through Central and South America and countries in the Pacific Ocean, like Australia, New Zealand, and others. He happened to stop by the farm on the recommendation of Alex and Alexia.


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