Camping Under a Waterfall

I went with three of the volunteers on a short two day outing this month. We took the bus to San Cristobal, where David met us. David is the boyfriend of Maria (daughter of Luz and Memo). He lead us on an approximately two hour walk up a mountain.

I was told that there were about two thousand steps to the falls.

100_1842About halfway to the falls we stopped in a garden that belongs to David’s uncle.

100_1855 100_1866Here we walked around and snacked on bananas, cocoa seeds, and limon dulce (sweet lime).

100_1867Here was the first time we could see the falls.

100_1876After a little more walking we ended up here in a cavern below the falls.

100_1881 100_1882David set up pads, sleeping bags, and pillows for us.

100_1890Here is the bathroom.

100_1893We prepared lunch in the kitchen.

100_1887Then we hiked a bit more to the bottom of some falls.

100_1899 100_1900We made a fire for the afternoon, which took awhile to get started because most of the wood was a bit damp. It was nice to dry out my shoes and socks.

100_1908We had dinner at 4pm.

100_1904By 6 it was dark and we were all in bed. I was thoroughly exhausted, but the experience was really awesome.

The next day we hiked a bit more. Here are some photos.100_1947

100_1927 100_1941 100_1935 100_1933 100_1940


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