A Change in Pace

December 4th.

Somehow my plans never quite work out the way I plan them. Long story short the bus I took didn’t leave when locals told me it would. So, I ended up missing the bus in Quepos that I needed to get to the other farm. By that time, I had already decided to visit the beach in Manuel Antonio with Jasmin. I have found it easier to not worry about things and to deal with them as they happen. But really it wasn’t so bad, I got to extend my vacation for two more days. I spent two days in Manuel Antonio, touring the national park, swimming in the ocean, and getting a tan, watching the sunset over the ocean, star gazing by the ocean, and meeting some very cool people in my hostel. After that bit of paradise, I went to Quepos and caught the bus I needed. I happened to be traveling the same day as three other volunteers of Villas Mastatal (the farm I was heading to). So, I got to ask them about the farm.

Now, here I am at the farm, my second day. It’s quite a different atmosphere and experience. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t much Spanish spoken. However, I have met people who have traveled/are traveling around the world for months on end. I suppose it’s easier to have these discussions in English. For a month and a half I haven’t really met or gotten to talk to many English speakers, but here there is an American, Canadian, Hollander, Australian, British, and Irish. So, instead of getting a mix of Spanish I have a mix of English, which I’ve never experienced before. I’m also with people a little more…let’s say less moral. Nice, but a little drinking, smoking, and “bad words” is common. I also feel quite young here, but I like the fact. I can take advice and knowledge from those who are older and have already traveled a bit.

The work here isn’t quite as strenuous or as long as at the last farm, which gives me plenty of free time. Yesterday I went to some waterfalls and swam around. Today I’m going to check out the one at the farm. Now, I’m trying to settle into a routine and figure out how I can contribute to the farm. And thus a new chapter has begun.


4 thoughts on “A Change in Pace

  1. Que tal, FuChai? Que bueno recibir noticias tuyas!
    Me encanta que estas disfrutando tanto de su tiempo alla.
    Te mandamus abrazos fuertes y deseos que pasas bien las Pascuas de Navidad.
    Que planes tienes?
    Ann & Art Merrick
    Hace mucho frio aqui en Farmington!

    • Todo es muy bien! Casi siempre. La vida aqui es muy pura. Costarrincenses dicen “pura vida” muchas veces. Para Navidad estare en mi primera finca con la Chinchilla familia. Voy a escribir sobrelo. Gracias por los abrazos. Espero que ustedes tienen una Navidad muy feliz 🙂

      • Te felicito en su progreso con el Castellano. Vivir en el ambiente facilita el proceso de aprender.
        Desde nuestras corazones te mandamus los mejores deseos del Amor que nacio en el mundo, Jesus el Cristo Rey.
        Feliz Navidad, FuChai.
        Ann y Art

  2. FP, so the new farm is a bit different, I am glad you had some honest to God farm work on the last one. And you meet a larger international group. Well, English has become the international language oft times – it can cut in on and be a temptation even when attending a language school. Here in Lima and on the street one hears less, although of course I am often communities where it is used a lot. But also much Spanish at household where I live. We have a memorial service for Nelson Mandela at the Catedral Anglicano on Sunday. That will be in English.

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