A morning solo

December 28, 2013
The entire family went to the beach today. I offered to stay back with Maria (the daughter who has a two and a half month son) to take care of the daily tasks.

I have to say I feel quite accomplished. The family and the other volunteers left at 4:30 this morning. I slept till 6.

At 6 I fed the four hundred chickens, cleaned their water, and collected eggs. I fed the chickens and chicks on the other side of the house. Then I went back to collect eggs.

I made myself breakfast. Collected eggs again.

At 7:30 I milked the cow all by myself. This was the biggest success of my day, as I have never milked this cow by myself. I gave the cows water.

Watered some flowers at the front of the house.

Went back to the chickens.

Finally had a chance to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen.

Went back to collect eggs.

Cleaned some eggs. Got stung by a wasp.

Collected eggs for the 6th time.

Finished cleaning all 330+ eggs.

Started making lunch.

Fed the chickens around noon and collected the last bunch of eggs.

Took a shower and made myself a delicious lunch.

It took me until almost noon to finish all the daily tasks by myself. It was fun taking care of the house by myself for one day for the experience, but I don’t need to do it again. However after today, I feel I can call myself a semi-certified farmer.



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