Today is my last day in Costa Rica. It’s strange to think that tomorrow night at this time I should be home if all go as planned.

For a last trip I decided to go to visit a Poas Volcano. I checked into my hostel that’s close to the airport this morning and dropped off my luggage. Then I walked to the bus station and just barely made it onto the bus. I paid $2.50 for the bus.

After a little over an hour bus ride we arrived at Volcan Poas National Park. I paid the $10 entrance fee. The ticket guy asked if I spoke English. Maybe I could have lied and said I was a Costa Rican. Not that I would have, but it’s nice that they don’t immediately assume I’m a tourist. Someone one day asked if I was tica (I think my tan helps.).

Anyway, we hiked 400 meters to the crater viewing area. Here is a beautiful view of the crater we had.100_2620

Then we hiked 800 meters to the lagoon.100_2625

An even better view, right?

However the clouds didn’t stop me from getting some great pictures of the squirrels. Definitely not afraid of humans.100_2631

 Then I bought myself an extremely expensive cup of hot chocolate to warm up. It was probably around 10oz of liquid for more than two dollars. Here’s the poster I got to look at while I was drinking my hot chocolate.


The prices in the shop were worse than in an airport. A pack of gum for $3.


Everyone couldn’t wait to get back on the bus to warm up again. I paid the $2.50 fare for the ride back to Alejuela.

And that is the story of my last day in Costa Rica.


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