Costa Rica fading fast

Can you believe it? I’ve already been home for two weeks! Back in the good ol’ USA. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve settled back into living at home. Not much has changed. You would think that after being gone from one place for three months that a lot would be different, but no. There’s still yard sale signs in the back of our car from October! Those three months in Costa Rica were filled everyday with something new. Yes, the time was flying when I was there, but it also felt strangely long. I really experienced every one of my 88 days in Costa Rica. And when I came back home it felt as if I had only been gone for a week. I just picked off where I left off. Of course I’m not exactly sure where I am headed now.

I’ve gotten my room in order. I’ve had one job interview. Applied for five jobs at this point. Gone to two movies. Gone to church twice. Eaten out twice. Spent way too much time on the computer and watching TV. Yes, this may seem like a great life and for two weeks it has been nice, but now I’m getting restless. I haven’t yet found a job because I just don’t want to get stuck with a job I don’t like (I suppose I can’t afford to be picky as I only have a high school education). It also doesn’t help that I will be gone in April for three weeks. Oh did I tell you that I have a trip to China in April for three weeks? Just another little trip to plan and prepare for. First hurdle: visa, cost $220+. I’m definitely excited for the trip though, and this will be my first time back since I was adopted. That would make it fifteen years since I’ve breathed Chinese air (not actually sure that I want to breathe Chinese air…).

In the mean time, I need to find something to do with myself. So, of course I would like to study a bit of Chinese so I have some basic phrases I can test out when I get there. I have studied some Chinese, but it’s just hard getting back into it, especially because I just got back from a Spanish-speaking country. I’m conflicted because I want to improve my Spanish and not forget it, but I want to learn Chinese. Working on two languages at the same time takes a lot of energy. But my friend showed me this site called which is really awesome. It allows you to connect with people all around the world who are also interested in learning languages. You can find language partners who will teach you their language and you in exchange can teach your own. There are also tutors and professional teachers who you can contact and pay for lessons (anywhere from $5-$30 per hour). I’ve already connected with a few language partners who are going to help me with my Chinese and Spanish. I’m hoping I can keep the two languages straight…Thankfully Chinese and Spanish are quite different.

I also am looking to get involved in some city projects. One is a community garden, the other is a program to help teenagers learn business skills through the arts. Both projects are bit vague as they are in the planning phase. And unfortunately, neither are money makers at the moment.

Despite how busy I may seem, it’s a clever ruse. I’m hoping to encounter a part-time paying job that I somewhat enjoy before the end of this month. It’s not that I’m in dire need for money (although a little extra money right now wouldn’t hurt). It’s just that I need some responsibilities and a schedule. So my search continues for a very nice employer who will let me take three weeks off in April, after only having worked for two months, but I would promise to come back after China…I know with a little patience and persistence, I’ll come across something.


4 thoughts on “Costa Rica fading fast

  1. Good luck with your China travel planning. I’ve been there for six months and absolutely love living in Shanghai. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the trip planning or want any recommendations of places to go!

    • Awesome! I’m hoping in the future to live in China for a longer period of time. This first time around is just to visit the country. I may have questions as the trip gets closer. Are you working in China? How is your Chinese?

      • My Chinese is getting there haha but I feel like it will be a life-long project. I am currently working in Shanghai and loving it. Good luck with the job hunt and China planning process.

  2. Thank you. I’m sure something will turn up. I just checked out your blog. It’s quite entertaining to read. 🙂 Enjoy your travels in Europe! I hope to get there someday soon.

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