Let the Packing Commence

Okay well, the packing actually is already done, for the most part. There are always those last-minute things that I have yet to pack or remember at the last-minute.

Two days from now I will be on the other side of the planet. Packing a day before I leave for a trip seems to work well for me. I can’t seem to pack any sooner. Packing today was almost too easy. It took me about an hour and half–if that. I always kind of get distracted in the middle of packing by other house chores so I can’t calculate the exact time it took me to pack. I suppose it was easy because I had already thought about what to pack in my mind.

Yesterday I wrote a list of everything I needed to pack and did the laundry.

Officially I will be spending 18 days in China. With the idea of doing laundry on the way, here’s what I packed.

7 pairs of underwear
7 pairs of socks
2 pairs of shorts
1 pair of pants
1 thin hoodie
1 long-sleeved undershirt
3 pairs of bras
5 tops
2 pairs of pajamas
wash cloth
flip flops
walking shoes
Bathroom Stuff
contact solution
contact case
body soap
laundry soap
tinted moisturizer
nail clippers
dental floss
sanitary napkins
Everything else
copy of passport
copy of itineraries
origami paper
sketch book
colored pencils
playing cards
ear buds
cell phone
iPod charger
phone charger
camera charger
plug adapter
bookmarks (gifts)
Chinese dictionary
water bottle
medicine for upset stomach

packingIt was quite simple to pack everything into my 18″ carryon roller bag. To organize everything I used e-bags which I came across on amazon when I bought my suitcase. They are awesome and so easy to use, although they aren’t used to suck the air out of your clothes.

suitcase Look at all that space. I still have room to pack a few more articles of clothing if I wanted to. In total it weights 17.2 pounds. I think I’ll be happy carrying that around China.

I’m ready to go. The more I’ve traveled the smarter I have gotten about traveling. You really don’t ever need as much stuff as you think you do. I find it so much easier to just do carry on. You don’t have to worry about lost luggage, and less to carry when you’re moving around. Also, I will wear my heaviest shoes, jeans, a rain jacket, a lighter jacket and a shirt which saves on space in my suitcase.

It’s a good idea to make copies of all important documents just in case. I saved copies on my iPod which I can access any time. I debated taking my little laptop because I do like to blog a lot, but it just isn’t worth the extra weight and space. My backpack is only half full right now. I plan on using it to bring back some souvenirs.

With all this traveling, planning, and organizing I seem to have become really detail oriented. I hope it helps someone. Next time I’ll be writing from China. At least I hope to…if I have internet and patience to post from my iPod touch…


3 thoughts on “Let the Packing Commence

  1. Dear FuChai,
    On your mark, get set,………..
    May our Lord bless you and watch over you as you look to Him in all things.

  2. Muy bien ahijada. Buen trabajo y interasante
    Para mi. I use to think i needed to take a typewriter – indeed did on occasion! Can you imagine! (Indeed you have typed on that typewriter – remember? What changes there have been, and you have seen them.
    Practica mucho tu mandarino si posible.

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