Well I’m back and in the world of responsibility. I didn’t want to come back home because it would break the spell I was in. I was in another world and another time. Literally I was in a different time zone, but I was also experiencing time differently. For 18 days I was constantly on the move. Everything started mashing together, I could hardly remember what I had for breakfast. I was living a different life, smelling, seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, observing a new culture. I was a person free of things to tie me down.

And then I came back home, and it’s as if nothing has changed. My room is unchanged. I can pick up where I left off, resume the same projects. It’s as if time paused. The changes in the city and in people’s lives all seem relatively insignificant. I suppose though, that I’m the one who experienced the change by stepping into another culture. Kind of like when you read a book and put it down to read another one and then come back to where you left off. That’s how it feels for me to come home. Even when I was gone for three months and came back, nothing seemed to really have changed.

Unfortunately, while I was in China I was unable to post anything. So, be prepared for a wave of posts and pictures. I have some work ahead of me for a while…


2 thoughts on “Unpause

  1. Good Morning FuChai,
    It is our blessing to have you share of your expanding world and to have you know that there is always a place “to be”.
    We are thankful for your wonderful experiences and your safe travels.
    May this day present many God-wrapped treasurers for you to unwrap.

  2. FP,
    You are writing very well. I was looking over some of your past posts/blogs yesterday, and thought, “I remember once asking if my god-daughter wanted a diary (middle school) and she said No. “. Well, no matter. You have that or something better now. Really good stuff – well expressed. Evocative.
    Still hope to get you back in to el Mundo de Los hispanoparlantes en el futuro. Bendiciones.

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