April 5th and 6th

And the sightseeing begins.

The first two days in China felt like I was touring a massive Chinatown and city. There weren’t a lot of foreigners, but the streets were clean. The spaces felt wide open. We took a city tour on a bus. The first day everyone was kicked off of the bus after ten minutes and we proceeded to wait probably for another hour before we were able to get on another bus.

That afternoon we went to the oriental pearl tower, which is just tall interesting shaped building made for tourists. The line was long, but as we already had tickets for ¥160 ($25.50). Little did we know that we would stand in line for two hours to walk around the entirety of the building and when we finally got inside the building there was more line to wait in. After we got through the security check we ended up leaving because it would have been another hour to go up and an hour to wait to come down. We certainly learned our lesson there. We had no idea what kind of lines we would be experiencing. The experience was worsened by the fact that everyone was impatient to go up, which resulted in a few people cutting in line several times.

The second day was better, as we made sure to ask questions first. We took a nice ride around the city bus to see the bridge and skyline. We weren’t tied town by waiting in lines. Also, took taxis around in Shanghai which was quite simple.

And that’s just part one in Shanghai. More to come about navigating my way through the largest populated city in China (also in the world depending on how you define city). 24 million people, over twice as big as NYC.

taking a photo


One thought on “Shanghai

  1. FP
    Great stuff. Is that a photo of a four-year-old as you look over her shoulder whilst she is taking it all in too? Wish I had a photo of a four-year-old FP coming the other way and taking it all in for first time.
    Anyway, glad to a chance to see all this.

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