Dragon’s Backbone

April 11th

Barely off of the overnight train from Nanchang to Guilin and we’re off and running. I had my first taste of Chinese Tourism. It was a bit gimmicky and strange to observe. I felt like I was going through a museum. I probably would have gotten more out of the experience if I had understood the tour guide. We stopped at this Yao village, which was clearly setup for tourism.

Yao Dance

The women never cut their hair but once in their life when they enter adulthood. 18 years old.

I paid the equivalent of a little more than $4 for a 30 second ride on a zip line across the river.

Chinese do enjoy photos. It was fun to see everyone always wanting pictures of where they were and what they were doing. The peace sign is popular.

After an interesting hour and half of partaking in Chinese tourism, we headed to the rice terraces.

A lot of places worth visiting have an entrance gate.

After a little hike up a few hundred steps we had a delicious lunch on the mountain. They served and cooked the rice in bamboo stalks.

While eating lunch I observed a man taking a smoke break.

Everywhere you look they are building. This community is thriving on tourism. Chinese and foreign tourists alike.

This is why we came up here. Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces.


All the way on top.

Every view is breathtaking.

Someone working in the rice fields.

One of my favorite afternoons in China.

I would love to come back and visit another time of year too. While you may not escape people, you do escape the city.


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