Flowers and Grottoes

April 14th: A train ride and the peony flower festival

Train ride number 2 from Guilin, Guangxi, to Luoyang, Henan.


Part of the peony flower festival in Luoyang.

peony petals peony garden peony flower festival peony peonies

April 15th: A morning at the Longmen Grottoes

misty bridge

The rain and cold weather dampened our day at the grottoes.

Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes contains over 2300 caves and niches.

Longmen Grottoes

Vairocana Buddha is over 56 feet tall. I regret not taking a picture with a person for comparison sake. Maybe next time…

Longmen Grottoes

Carving began in year 493. It continued through the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) dynasties.

Ten thousand buddhas Longmen Grottoes  Longmen Grottoes

Although it was quite rainy and cold the day we went to the Longmen Grottoes, it was definitely worth seeing a part of Chinese history that has lasted so long. Pictures can’t do the carvings justice in their detail and size. The amount of work put into the site is astounding, especially considering the kind of technology that was used when they were carved. Here is more information about the caves with descriptions and stats of how big they are. The UNESCO site gives a brief history of the different phases and dynasties involved in carving the grottoes.

Luoyang was the smallest city we visited with less than 2 million people.


One thought on “Flowers and Grottoes

  1. What a tiny place, Luoyang. Not many more people than N. M.
    I don’t know if “dampening” your stay due to rain was a conscious word choice , but I suppose it was, and a good one. “history lover” that you are – I appreciate the Dded historical details and some really fine photographs.
    Flowers are pretty, we will perhaps show some other pretty flowers when you come to Peru.

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