A new year, same me

It’s been too long since I’ve written. It’s amazing how quickly things can get away from me. Last year had quite a few highlights.

2014 recap

  • It was the year of many odd jobs, which had its advantages and disadvantages. I’ve had more than five jobs this year.
  • Traveled to China for the first time and had quite the adventure. I still have a stash of photos that I may get to posting.
  • First boyfriend. Still not very outspoken about this.
  • Bought my first car.
  • Completed a semester of 17 credit hours at San Juan College and got all As.
  • Started working out five to six days a week with a friend. Ran a half marathon (13 miles), but not as a part of a race.
  • Started/joined a book group and game night.
  • Enjoyed as much of everyday as I could.

I’m sure 2015 will bring its own set of adventures. I don’t really have any resolutions for 2015, just a few goals.

  • Now that we’ve run a half marathon we’re tackling the 100 push up challenge (be able to do 100 consecutive push ups). I also want to be able to do pull ups.
  • Read more. Write more.
  • Narrow down all my odd jobs to one part-time job. I am now on the search for a new job (how I hate to wait for phone calls).
  • Save for future traveling.
  • Survive two more semesters of college.

And as the year goes on I’ll have a more goals I’m sure. I wish you all the best for the new year. Enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “A new year, same me

  1. FP
    Yeah, interesting year for me too, as you know so well. Maybe the benefits of such years – difficult as they seem – become more evident with time. (I hope so.)
    I think you are doing well. Hope I can walk through my adventures as well as I think you do.
    Books. You like long involving rich reads? “The Doll Maker” by way of a suggested title. All the best for 2015.

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