Pumpkin Spice Season

Fall, my favorite season is here and it definitely feels like it. I find it funny that pumpkin spice has been such a huge thing this year. Sometimes it’s fun to obsess over random things. I have to say I like pumpkin spice (haven’t ever tried a pumpkin spice latte), but I pretty much like everything about fall.

It has been such a wet summer and fall is expected to be the same. Summer was fun and exhausting. I certainly stayed busy. School, work, dating, and working out seem to take up all my free time. As always, I find it easier to say what I’m up to with pictures.

About mid July I went to Montana to visit my aunt and uncle who I haven’t seen a couple of years. As soon as I got picked up to the airport I was told we were going to have dinner…and guess where that was? Olive Garden. We got a nice employee discount on our party of 17. Sometimes it’s nicer to be served, than to serve…actually more often than not it’s more fun to be served. It was a really nice evening to reconnect with my cousins.

Spent far too much in planes and cars on this Montana trip. We drove to Glacier National Park which is no where near Big Timber. It was a great vacation to get away from everything at home. I was able to rest and do whatever I wanted.

The rest of this summer has been filled with cooking, projects, work, school, and so on.


One thought on “Pumpkin Spice Season

  1. Wonderful to hear from you, FuChai. Your photos are super good. We are so thankful for you and how you are seeing the world in its richness and its blessings. Blessings be upon you, AMEN Ann Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 01:35:12 +0000 To: aemerr@hotmail.com

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